I love different flavored ice creams. And by different, I mean things like chili infused chocolate, or lavender lemon. But ketchup? Ummm, no thank you.

But apparently there are a lot of folks who would absolutely love to taste ketchup flavored ice cream. And one of them is singer Ed Sheeran, who loves Heinz ketchup so much that he has it tattooed on his bicep. So, Gelati Ice Cream Shop, which has two locations in Ireland, has whipped up the tomato concoction just for the smitten entertainer. They were also offering free ketchup cones at one of his recent concerts.

According to Michael O’ Dowd, Gelati’s owner, the recipe was tricky, because sugar and salt both act as anti freezing agents in ice cream. The eventually got it right, however, and it's available for all of Sheeran's fans, as well as anyone else who is feeling adventurous. The shop also has a gin and tonic sorbet and Blue Bubblegum flavored gelato. Yummy!

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