A man noticed on his home security camera that a kid kept trespassing on his driveway, so he took action in the best way possible!

The video starts showing a man and his son walking a dog, with the young boy on a bicycle. The dad stops on the sidewalk in front of a house so that the kid can ride his bike up and down the driveway for a few laps, then they go on their way.

The homeowner, after getting notifications from his camera several days in a row, decided to do something about the kid riding the bike on his driveway.

I was expecting the worst, and when I watched the video, my made heart swell.

As you can see in the video below, the homeowner came out after dark and got to work to handle the trespassers in an awesome way!

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First, he drew some squiggly lines that paralleled each other. Then, he drew some rectangles on the sides of the lines. Pretty soon it became apparent: the man was drawing a race track!

I will admit that I thought the video would go sour sooner than later; I was pleasantly surprised by the actions of the homeowner.

The very next day, the family again strolled by and, upon seeing the chalk markings, the kid was eager to hit the track!

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As the days progress, the man draws different tracks, often including instructions like "Slow", "The Back Straight", "Eyes Up" and, at the end of the track, a trophy with the words "For the Win!".

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Initially thinking that the homeowner would do something to restrict access to his driveway to deter trespassing, it was very refreshing to see the homeowner make the driveway more inviting. Not only did the homeowner express "Welcome!" with his track, he also made it educational and increasingly challenging, which will improve the youngster's riding ability.

Word of the man's artwork began to spread and, soon enough, others began to drive the track.

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One mom even put her cornering skills to the test with a kid in a stroller!

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I'll say it again: it's refreshing to watch a video turn out way better than you anticipated.

Check out the full video:

Kudo's to you, Mister Man, you win the Neighbor of the Year award!

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