Do you have any old photos from your youth your find embarrassing?

Of course you do. Who doesn't?

When I was young, I got a bowl cut in the '80s, and kept it for entirely too long. It was commonly referred to as a skater's cut at the time.

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I'm happy to say it hasn't made a comeback.

One haircut which has stood the test of time is the mullet.

Photo by Sam Mooy/Getty Images

For those who are confused as to what criteria it takes to have a mullet, it's simple.

The hair is cut short at the front and sides, but left long at the back.

"Business in the front, party in the back."

Mullet man
Photo by Sam Mooy/Getty Images

The mullet has run the gamut of pop culture during my life, going from cool and in-style, to trashy, to ironic, to trendy, and back to cool again.

Two of my nephews in their early 20s recently showed up to a Sunday family gathering sporting mullets, something I would never have predicted a few years ago.

Mullet cut
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Who has the best mullet in the USA?

That's the difficult question that must be answered at the USA Mullet Championships.

Each year the field is separated into several categories, including kids, teens, adults, and femullets.

The kids field was narrowed down to 25 and I have to admit, these are 25 of the most glorious mullets in the USA.

They made the cut to make the cut.

Ashley Medina, an artist and self-proclaimed "mullet obsessed curl specialist" is as excited as she is stressed to be judging the competition.

The competition is fierce, but Arizona Cardinals star JJ Watt has a favorite.

Good luck to all the kids, and may the best mullet win.

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