Life in the 1980's was a lot different than what we know today. The cellphones were huge, the video games were cheesy and so were the hair styles. At first you won't be able to take your eyes off this mans incredible mullet hairstyle. Then you won't believe your ears when he shares his God given talent with all of us.

A guy with a mullet whistling Georgia on My Mind, does life get any better? Please make note of the wonderful audience reaction, they are mesmerized by the mullet whistler.

I think kid at :38  into the video may have actually stopped breathing. The lady in the front row is charmed by not only his talent and bodacious hair but I think she might be a little too turned on by that "adult films" mustache. There you have it my friends, this is the world I grew up in. That should probably explain a lot huh?

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