It is one of the most trying times a parent will ever experience. You are giving yourself and your spouse a break from the same old humdrum homecooked meals you've been eating since the baby was born. You and the family head to your favorite restaurant to enjoy a good meal and a quiet evening. The problem, your child did not get the memo about it being a quiet evening. It's noisy kids and parents who can't control them that has prompted one Pennsylvania restaurant to put an end to the problem before it even begins. Here is what you won't be missing!

 The owners of McDain's Restaurant in Monroeville Pennsylvania  have decided to ban all a children under the age of six. As you might imagine some parents are outraged, yet others applaud the decision.

 If you've had children how do you keep the kids quiet in a restaurant? I am sure there are plenty of new  parents that could benefit from your experience, so please share with us what has worked for you. Also, do you think age restrictions at eating establishments are okay? Many families have children that span several ages bans like this could certainly limit the choices when dining out. I must admit the thought of a meal with out a screaming child is a lot more enjoyable than spending the evening listening to the wailing of an unhappy baby.