A 6 year old Massachusetts Kindergartener has been given detention for bringing a LEGO figure gun onto the school bus. Yes, this has really happened. Mieke Crane, the little kid's mom is saying Old Mill Pond Elementary has overreacted, and she's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.


The school bus driver is claiming that the other kids on the bus we're "traumatized" over the disturbance this teeny weenie LEGO gun caused on the bus.

From dailymail.uk.co :

In the aftermath of the incident, the school sent a letter home to parents explaining what happened and stressing that there was no actual firearm aboard the bus, and that the students were never in any danger.

The missive was accompanied by a photo of the black toy gun showing its actual diminutive size.
Crane's son has been forced to write a letter of apology to the bus driver. He was also given detention Tuesday and could be temporary stripped off his busing privileges.

I can understand "Zero Tolerance" policies, but this is crazy. This LEGO gun traumatized kids by it's mere presence on the bus?????


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