There might not be a more terrifying mascot than the New Orleans Pelicans' King Cake Baby. It's a human sized bundle of horrific joy.

It looks like a cross between Chucky, Louie Anderson and a creepy porcelain doll, which is basically the last thing you would want in your home. Somebody in the Pelicans front office decided they wanted to repay their fans with a hand-delivered king cake, but is that really the face you want to see when you come to the door?

In the middle of a rainy day, one (un)lucky Pelicans fan got a special visit from the King Cake Baby...and lived to tell the tale.

To his credit, the guy seemed pretty stoked to see ole baby face. Other people on the internet were not so appreciative of the gesture.

I'll take a free king cake any day, but not from that thing. It might be stuffed with razor blades or rat poison. No thank you. Not today, King Cake Baby.

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