It has been a tumultuous week for the family of Kori Gauthier, but they now have closure and can hopefully begin the healing process.

Truthfully, the sad news about Kori Gauthier is a heartbreaking ending for anyone who has followed her story since the 18-year-old LSU student went missing last week. The details of her story left everyone with more questions than answers and everywhere that I went people were telling her story and hoping and praying the Opelousas native would be found.

Vigils were held, and there was an outpouring of love and support for the Gauthier family from loved ones and strangers alike as they relentlessly searched for their sweet Kori.

Although it was far from any outcome that her family would ever want to imagine, her father showed gratitude with the following message posted to his Facebook page.

Kori's uncle, Spencer Gauthier, shared a heartfelt message in a video that clocks in at a little under five minutes.

I ask you to listen to his powerful words—because his message is an important one, and I still can't imagine how someone with so much love for his niece could remain so collected and composed in the wake of such tragic news.

The song that Spencer Gauthier wants us all to hear as a dedication to his niece, Kori, is below as he asks us to "listen to that song, hold on to those words.... and live life."

May she rest in peace and may the Gauthier family find the closure and healing they need at this time.

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