To some, the world of auto racing is simply another left turn. To those that truly appreciate the sport for what it is, it's a mix of guts, skill, technology, science, and engineering. The technology, science, and engineering is right in the wheelhouse of Louisiana Tech University. That's why it comes as no surprise that the university will be featured as a title sponsor on Louisiana driver Buster Graham's ARCA car.

This is actually a unique situation in marketing the university. The ARCA race will be seen by millions of race fans on Saturday afternoon live from Daytona, Florida. The race will be televised via Fox Sports 1. This also marks the first time that a university has been the featured sponsor on an ARCA car.

"It's just really a unique and an unprecedented opportunity to share our brand with, really, a different sports audience than traditionally you would see with intercollegiate athletics."

Those are the words of Dave Guerin, a spokesman for Louisiana Tech, who was quoted in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Not only will the race car of Lafayette driver Buster Graham feature the logo and colors of Louisiana Tech, but the pit crew and race team will all be outfitted in the red and blue colors of the Ruston-based university. Says Guerin,

"The hope is that this won't be the last time that race fans will see a Louisiana Tech University race car hitting the track at an ARCA Racing Series event."

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