We've got Willie Nelson tonight, a River Road CD release party on Friday, Brad Paisley's H2O Frozen Over Tour on Saturday, you've got to have something to wear! With the weather turning off nice and cold it looks like the open toe idea isn't going to fly unless you're willing to suffer frostbite or go with blue polish to match your big toe. Here is an idea how about some BOOTS! I must admit, ladies you have got the coolest boots to choose from.

Many boot designers have invented many creative designs for boots to attract ladies into wearing them. Fashionable ankle boots, thigh high boots, leather thigh boots, lace up boots, are more to ladies’ likings. Most preferred boots for ladies are the thigh high boots because of its comfort and its trendy style. These boots also provide care for ladies’ feet and warm their feet during winter season. In additional, thigh high boots can easily match any long or short skirts, giving off a sexy and seductive outlook.

Okay I am not advocating the site, I don't know how reliable it is but I do know a lot of the brands they have featured are great looking, sexy boots! Chances are you could find them at one of our local boot and shoe places too. So take a few minutes and let's do some online window shopping.

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