The heavy rains over the weekend not only settled the dust around Acadiana but they helped to clear the air. The forecast for today calls for another better than average chance of showers but the air still pretty thick with humidity. Humidity seems to exacerbate the symptoms of the seasonal allergy sufferer.

Those who have a particular sensitivity to pollen will feel less than stellar today. Pollen counts according to will be medium to high for the Lafayette area. The rest of the work week doesn't look as bad as today. Tuesday's forecast is for a slightly lower pollen count for the area. Wednesday will see a small spike in pollen levels as the rains forecast for the area move out. Thursday pollen activity will be in the medium range as will Friday's count.

The bulk of the pollen in the air will be released from grasses and the oak trees. The good news is that relief is in sight as the pollen season is about to come to an end for the area. Speculation is that pollens will be the catalyst for for your sneezing and wheezing only for a couple of more weeks. Then we will find a whole new list of allergens to contend with.

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