If there is one thing about having almost every weekend in the month of April ruined by rain it's this. That rain helped to clean and wash the dust, dander, and pollen off of a lot of plants, cars, and buildings. Since we are just about out of the heavy pollen season for Acadiana that is great news for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

The allergy forecast for our part of the state for the next few days is quite good. Pollen counts are expected to remain low. The other irritants, namely, dust, mold, and dander are also being held at bay. That means even those with very sensitive allergies should be able to make it through the week with  minimal medication.

The folks at pollen.com say allergy sufferers will most likely be affected by pollen from Oak trees, Hickory trees, and grasses over the next few days. Their forecast suggests Tuesday might be a tougher day for those with allergies associated with pollen. The reason for this is that winds are expected to pick up during the day on Tuesday and that means more irritants floating in the atmosphere. Regardless, we have made it through the worst of the pollen season.

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