The cities of Lafayette and Broussard have announced they have now settled their differences about Broussard's lawsuit challenging Lafayette's "Plantation Oaks" Annexation.

The settlement was finalized through Consent Judgment this week.  It calls for dismissal of Broussard's lawsuit in return for modification of the "Plantation Oaks" annexation to remove a portion of one landowner's property from the annexation.  This also resolves a number of related issues between the two cities including future annexations and annexation challenges by Broussard, as well as Broussard’s granting of franchise agreements to LUS in the future.

City parish President Joey Durel says,

"I am happy to see a settlement take place. I said at my State of the Parish address that one of my goals in my last three years was to see the governments of Broussard and Lafayette develop a similar working relationship that we enjoy with the other municipalities. I know this is a major step on that goal. I would like to thank Mayor Langlinais and Councilman Foco for working with us to get this annexation dispute resolved."

Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais says,

“Both cities were able to work together to resolve these issues in a way that is fair to both.  The City of Broussard will continue to work to be a good neighbor to the City of Lafayette and focus on doing our part in making Lafayette Parish the center of economic growth for our state.”

The modified version of the “Plantation Oaks” annexation is effective immediately, and all regular city of Lafayette services are now being extended to that area.



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