When I say the word ghost what comes to your mind? Do you see a cartoon named Casper? Do you picture Patrick Swayze making more than pottery with Demi Moore? Or do you see something sinister and scary? I try not to think about ghosts but I have no trouble believing they are out there and around us. If you like a good ghost story and aren't afraid you might soil yourself there are some very public places where you might encounter a supernatural spirit right here in Acadiana.

The Grand Opera house of the South in Crowley is supposed to be home to at least one special spirit. The people at LASPIRITS.com investigate the paranormal around our state and their report on the Opera House makes for a great read.

I had the pleasure of being in a theatrical production at the Opera House a few years ago and I must admit I felt the presence of a spirit being. Since my part allowed me plenty of time back stage and we often rehearsed into the evening I had time to hang with the ghosts. I didn't see anything but I did notice doors that would move and lights that would blink from time to time. I never felt afraid though, I figured the spirits were just as confused by me as I was of them and since I told them out loud I meant no harm the experience turned out to be a good one.

Did you know that the St. Landry Parish Courthouse is also home to a wayward spirit? As is the home to the Abbey Players in Abbeville and Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette.

Have you ever had an encounter with a being not of this world? Perhaps you've felt a cold spot in a warm house or maybe there is an unexplained noise or a shadow that appears in a window.I would love for you to share your story with us and in turn the people at LASPIRITS.com.

I personally won't go hunting for ghosts but I have decided if they do find me I won't be afraid of them. I will instead try to talk to them and ask them questions about being a ghost.Do they watch Jersey Shore, is Nancy Grace frightening to them and what do THEY dress as for Halloween?  At least I would like to think that is what I would do, I would most likely lose control of my bodily functions and collapse in a heap right where I was standing. So let this be a warning to all you ghosts on the Internet, don't scare me or you'll have some cleaning up to do.

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