You're probably reading that thinking that you knew that already. It's true Lafayette is in fact ranked 3rd on a list of the nation's most intelligent cities. Here's the bad news, it's not our Lafayette. Just like the recent big money Powerball winner this national distinction goes to a city with our same name.

The community that occupies the third slot in this recent Luminosity survey is Lafayette - West Lafayette Indiana. That's where Purdue University is located. You know, the place where Drew Brees went to college.

The top slots in the survey went to Ithica New York and State College Pennsylvania. There were no Louisiana communities ranked in the top ten as far as intelligence is concerned.

What about the bottom of the list?

You're probably thinking, "Oh Lord here it comes". The good news, no Louisiana community was in the bottom ten. I think the more surprising fact from the bottom ten is that no Mississippi community was listed. Alabama and North Carolina were widely represented, though.

In fact, the Deep South made up the majority of the bottom ten. The only community that wasn't located below the Mason-Dixon line in regards to this intelligence survey was El Centro California.