No surprise that we southerners love our fried chicken. And let's be honest, most of us don't have time to fix it like Grandma did back in the day. So it's great that we have chain restaurants that actually know how to whip up some of the best fried chicken not only in the south, but in the whole USA.

Garden & Gun Magazine has a list of some of the best fast food restaurants for fried chicken in the south, and Lafayette's own Krispy Krunchy Chicken made this bucket list of goodness! The rest are below, with their cities of origin, and if you haven't tried all of them yet, they are well worth the effort, y'all. And FYI - some of these are only located in gas stations, which is one of the reasons why we love them so much!

  • Biscuitville - Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Bojangles - Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Bonchon Chicken - Annandale, Virgina
  • Chick-fil-A - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dodge's - Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Guthrie's - Auburn, Alabama
  • Hardees - Greenville, North Carolina
  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken - Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Pollo Campero - Guatemala, with 50 locations in the USA
  • Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen - New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Publix Grocery Store - Lakeland, Florida

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