I just came across this awesome idea from local company Parish Tins and I think it's fantastic. We all want a good deal when we go out to eat, right? Parish Tins has come up with a great, easy and fun way for us to do that.

The $25 tin comes filled with twenty $10 gift card coasters from 20 different delicious local restaurants like The Cajun Table, Fit Blendz, Aztecas, Uncle T's Oyster Bar and many more.

That's $200 in savings for the cost of only $25.

The way it works is you have to spend a minimum of $25 at the restaurant you visit to redeem the $10 coaster. So if you spend the minimum $25, you can use your $10 gift card coaster, and your meal is only $15.

Pretty great I think.

All this, and it comes in a really cool Parish Tins canister.

Ready to get started and buy some? Head over to www.parishtins.com to get yours now!

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