(KADN) The Lafayette Consolidated Government will try to put an end to two extreme vehicle accessories in Acadiana that many consider not only unattractive but dangerous.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government will propose two different ordinances at the council's meeting next week that will alter one popular car accessory and end another altogether.

One of the joint ordinances would outlaw rim extensions that extend out more than four inches. The ordinance would ban all spoke wires that protrude out more than four inches from the vehicle's wheel well. These extreme wire-spoke addons are sold throughout the U.S. but car experts claim anything that sticks out more than two inches from the wheel well of a vehicle can be dangerous.

The second of the joint ordinances being addressed will propose a ban on certain vehicles that have been fitted with what's called a lift kit. The council will try to ban all "lifted" or "tilted" vehicles where the front of the vehicle is three inches higher than the back. Under the ordinance, vehicles fitted with these lift kits would be measured from the ground up. Any three inches higher in the front would be considered illegal to drive on Acadiana roadways. Lift kits are most popular with truck owners.

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