Investigators with the Lafayette Fire Department are asking the public for help in identifying the individual or individuals responsible for attempted arson at an address on Azelie Street.

Authorities say about 1 am Tuesday morning an unidentified suspect threw what is believed to be a Molotov Cocktail at a house. The bottle containing the flammable material bounced off the side of the house and on to the sidewalk. That is where the combustible device flamed up.

Fortunately, no persons were injured and no property was damaged in the attack. However, investigators would still like to find the person or persons responsible for the failed attack.

If you have information on the crime, you may contact the Lafayette Fire Department by calling 291-8716 or go through Lafayette Crime Stoppers (232-TIPS). You can remain anonymous with your information and you might be eligible for a reward if suspects are arrested, charged, and convicted.

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