Approximately 20 firefighters with the Lafayette Fire Department were included in yesterday's response to a residential fire in town. The blaze, thought to have begun because of an electrical issue, was reported just before four pm yesterday.

Fire crews in four trucks and a ladder truck rushed to the 200 block of Sarah Dee Parkway to find a single-family dwelling's patio engulfed in flames. Those flames eventually reached the attic of the dwelling and reportedly venting through the roof of the structure.

The owner of the home first noticed the smoke coming from the patio area of her home while outside. She attempted to control the blaze using a home fire extinguisher but the flames ignited the vinyl siding on the side of the home.

An initial investigation into the cause of the fire determined that a short in an extension cord being used on the patio was the likely source of combustion. The fire was ruled an accident and no injuries were reported.


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