LAFAYETTE, La. (999KTDY) - It's an election year and that means we are all going to be seeing even more signs on every possible inch of free space. There are rules though whether they are political signs, business signs or signs advertising something like a garage sale.

In order to help make things look better in Lafayette, you can now report the placement of an illegal sign just by dialing 311 when you're in Lafayette.

David Begnaud with Scenic Lafayette tells us,

The 311 system is a step in the right direction to help reduce visual clutter and improve the scenic beauty of our city.

When you call 311 you can share any issue with the person who answers. They can then direct you to the correct department or person to speak to about whatever you issue might be.

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has previously told us that people reporting illegal signs or any other issue to local government only helps officials do their jobs more efficiently.

Parish Proud, Scenic Lafayette and LCG are teaming up to get the message out that illegal signs leave our community looking cluttered. People often don't know that it's illegal to place signs in right-of-ways, on telephone poles and the like.

All you have to do to help is to report an illegal sign by reporting the incident via 311. After that workers with Lafayette Consolidated Government will go to the location and remove the sign.

Where Can You Put Signs and Where Can You Not Place Your Signs?

All you have to do is click here to find out what the ordinance says about signs.

To find out even more information about how you can use 311 to find out about government services and resources you can call the number. You can also view all the different information by visiting

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