Yesterday we brought you the story of Disney's gumbo recipe video. There are a bunch of things going on with the gumbo they're making that South Louisianan's are taking issue with. KATC Production assistant David Hilbun made a reaction video to the Disney gumbo recipe fiasco, and it's probably the most perfect representation of how we all feel.

Hilbun's former instructor saw the video he had put together, and took to Facebook to say these words of admiration -

I am proud to say that at least one of my former students has done something good, noble, and meaningful (not to be confused with gainful employment) by using his formidable filmmaking skills. David Hilbun has successfully defended the honor and integrity of our people's emblem, gumbo, against the abomination perpetrated by a force no less insidious than Disney itself. (Disney has apparently since taken its video down from the site.) David has proven himself the perfect Disney Villain. I couldn't be more diabolically pleased.

Here's the video below, that has almost 800,000 views on Facebook!

Hey KATC, we see that you've just recently hired David. Great job, because you obviously got a great one!

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