Strange behavior by a lone moviegoer sent some unnerved patrons scurrying from The Grand 14 on Kaliste Saloom Rd in Lafayette on Sunday afternoon. However, for the most part, patrons and police largely downplayed the incident.

35-year-old Christopher Harmason of New Iberia was issued a summons for disturbing the peace inside the theater during a showing of the popular movie "Deadpool".

A theater patron said that Harmason, described as a large man with a full beard wearing an oversized coat, started pacing in his own aisle and muttering to himself about halfway through the 2:10pm show.

The patron, who declined to be named, said the theater was about half full and that Harmason's behavior "did not strike a positive chord" with several patrons, who ultimately left the theater.

Some of the moviegoers asked management at the theater to call police. One patron was even "crying and shaking" from the incident.

According to one of the manager's at the theater, the incident was handled quickly and the "odd person" had been removed from the show. The movie proceeded uninterrupted.

That appeared to be the case for the theater as a whole. At 4pm, the parking lot remained largely full of vehicles and patrons were purchasing tickets. Three police cruisers were in the lot.

Of course, we all recall what happened on that terrible evening on July 23, 2015 when a lone gunman opened fire inside The Grand 16 on Johnston St in Lafayette. Two people were killed and 10 more were injured.

The same company owns both The Grand 14 and The Grand 16.


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