According to a post from the National Cinema Day organization, movie tickets will only cost $3, for one day only.

National Cinema Day is coming up this weekend on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

On this day, all movie tickets for all movies for all showings at all participating theatres will be only $3 each (plus tax and any fees associated with the sale of said tickets).

AMC Theatres shared the news on Twitter earlier this week, and they added something to sweeten the deal: popcorn/drink combos.

If you add up the cost of the ticket ($3+tax) and the popcorn/drink combo ($5+tax), you might just be able to see a movie with refreshments for around $10 this weekend!

Compare that with my experience this past weekend when I (finally) went to see Top Gun: Maverick: I paid $13.50+tax per ticket and a whopping $31.04 total for two medium cups of soda and two medium bags of popcorn. That's over $60 for two people!


Mind you, the theatre was amazing, with plush, electric reclining seats with a large drink holder and a tray to hold your bag of popcorn.

And, it was one of their PTX Theatres, which includes a larger screen and premium sound (when the jets took off, you felt them!).

One report says that around 30,000 screens on Saturday will be participating in the National Cinema Day deal by offering $3 tickets, so if you have been putting off going back to the movies, Saturday is your day!

Apparently, it's a push to get people back into theatres by offering the discount or, in the words of Cinema Foundation President Jackie Brenneman, it's a "thank you", according to Now This News.

So call your local cinema to ask if they are participating and take the family to a movie this weekend to celebrate Labor Day with $3 movie tickets.

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