Acadiana Waste Services will be taking over garbage and recycling services for Lafayette Parish and unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish, and the deadline to request a recycling bin or additional garbage bin is approaching.

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New Lafayette Recycling and Garbage Services

Starting November 1, 2023, Acadiana Waste Services will begin providing garbage and recycling pickup for Lafayette Parish as well as unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish.

Acadiana Waste Services does not automatically provide recycling bins to residents.

The recycling bin is free to those who live in Lafayette Parish but is not offered to residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish according to KATC.

If you need a recycling bin, you'll need to let AWS know before the deadline, which is May 31, 2023.

From KATC -

"Customers must register to receive a 95-gallon recycling cart. For customers who live in unincorporated areas, two sites will be available to drop off recyclable materials.

Those locations will be announced before AWS begins collections."

Lafayette customers will be provided with a 95-gallon trash bin free, but if you need another one, a second cart can be ordered for a one-time $90 fee.

You can register to receive a recycling bin at or by calling 337-205-7710.

To register for an additional trash bin, head over to or call 337-205-7710.


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