I believe it was the movie the Bad News Bears where I first heard about the consequences of what happens when we assume. If you never saw that movie let's just say assuming usually puts all involved in a very bad light. I'm sure my literary hero Oscar Wilde appreciates the reference as well as many years ago he made a similar observation concerning making assumptions.

Speaking of bad lights, I don't think there is an entity in the realm of  public service that is as poorly thought of as the Lafayette Parish School Board. Between the petty arguments, the threatened legal actions, the name calling, and maybe even a case or two of cooties this bunch makes me cringe just about every time I have to read or write a story about them.

What does that have to do with the "assume" thing ? Well, I always assumed that school bus drivers were some of the best drivers on the road. I assumed that they were held to a higher standard than other drivers. I assumed that they were put in the very important position because of their ability to act, react, interact, and make great decisions to insure the safety of our children. Now I am reading that the three ring circus that is the Lafayette Parish School Board is contemplating lowering the standards it takes to become a driver.

I understand the need for more drivers and the school board just authorized funding to purchase more buses to ease overcrowding on certain routes. But is the best answer to situations like this to lower the quality of our operators?

By the way if this proposal becomes reality it will be the second time in two years the board has seen fit to lower driver standards. The current proposal would eliminate the need for a driver to posses a high school diploma or equivalent certification. Currently that diploma or equivalent is part of the requirement for being considered for the position.

Here's a thought, why don't we stop paying for lawyers and attorneys so the school board and superintendent can beat up on one another and use that money to create an incentive for better qualified people to become bus drivers? That would make so much more sense than putting the lives of so many children in the hands of someone who might not be best suited for the job. Oops I just assumed again didn't I?

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