Sometimes it can be aggravating to get caught behind the school bus. To me, it's only aggravating until I see the little ones climb down from the bus, scurry across the street, and into the waiting arms of mom or dad. I remember how good it felt everyday to finally be home after a long day of school. I guess we sometimes take for granted just how we got there.

If it weren't for the bus driver, there wouldn't be a bus full of children being safely picked up and returned each day. The Lafayette Parish School System certainly has their work cut out for them in this regard. The system needs to recruit, verify, qualify, and train 20 new bus drivers as soon as possible.

According to one report the system has had to replace 60 drivers over the past two years. Most of that attrition was due to retirement. Another roadblock in the hiring of new drivers is the uncertainty of requirements that a driver candidate must meet. The Lafayette Parish School Board has been debating the need for a high school diploma for drivers for the past several months.

Regardless, if you're a good driver and have the patience and kindness to get a bus load of kids to school and back home again five days a week, the Lafayette Parish School System would like to talk with you.

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