The Lafayette Consolidated Government put out a press release today that details changes made to the Lafayette Police Department's Use of Force Policy. The revisions to the policy mirror the '8 Can't Wait' campaign, which is a national effort to address issues in the community that result in police violence.

According to the press release, the Lafayette Police Department (LPD) has already been practicing the majority of policies that are recommended by the '8 Can't Wait' campaign.

Two Lafayette attorneys, Xavieria Jeffers and Faith Flugence, were instrumental in bringing the '8 Can't Wait' Campaign to the attention of Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) Chief of Minority Affairs Carlos Harvin. Harvin proceeded by starting a committee with the two attorneys to address LPD's Use of Force Policy which also includes Interim Police Chief Scott Morgan, Services Captain Brad Ridge, Training Director Sgt. Toby Delahoussaye, and community member Alzina Dural. The goal of the comittee was to, "explore ways to incorporate 8 Can't Wait reforms into LPD policies", per the press release.

The press release contains 8 Policies, some of which were already being practiced by LPD and some that have been updated. The 8 policies are listed below.

  1. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds
  2. Require De-escalation
  3. Require Warning Before Shooting (Existed in policy previously and remains in the revision)
  4. Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting (Existed in policy previously and remains in the revision)
  5. Duty To Intervene (Existed in policy previously and adds additional section in the revision)
  6. Ban Shooting At Moving Vehicle (Modified slightly in the revised policy)
  7. Require Use of Force Continuum (Modified slightly in the revised policy)
  8. Require Comprehensive Reporting (Modified slightly in the revised policy)

You can see the full press release that details the LPD's Use of Force Policy below


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