A woman who scanned a QR code in a Downtown Lafayette parking lot says she received a $788 charge to Walmart after doing so.

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QR Code Parking Lot Scams

Local woman Martha Gale tells KLFY that her daughter recently parked in Downtown Lafayette to go to an event at Parc Lafayette.

After her daughter Kinly got out of her parked car, she noticed a QR code in place for her to pay for parking.

Thinking she was paying for parking, Kinly scanned the QR code and went about her way.

The next morning Martha Gale tells KLFY she received a large order from Walmart and was charged $788 for that order...an order she says she never placed.

Gale believes that her credit card information was stolen when her daughter Kinly scanned the code on the sign in the parking lot in Downtown Lafayette.

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