In a move that shocked no one the Lafayette Consolidated Council voted 3-6 to not proceed in bringing the issues of red light cameras to a public vote.

The reason this was really no shock is that City-Parish attorney, Mike Hebert, explained to the council that the body had no authority to order or ask for such an election. Hebert has been telling council members that for weeks still Councilman Bill Theriot thought it was worthy of pursuing. Theriot was joined by council members Jared Bellard and Andy Naquin in pushing for red light vote.

The remaining council members voted against the idea many suggesting that pursuing an issue the council had no authority on was simply not in the best interest of the council at this time. Even Theriot acknowledge understanding why the council could not bring the issue to a vote, although he indicated he was in disagreement with that position. Theriot told reporters at the meeting he would be interested in exploring changes to the charter or amending the current rules to allow such a vote in the future.

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