Congratulations! We are now passing laws to help us avoid the laws that we passed already.  I am writing about red light and speed cameras at intersections. The communities that employ this technology  may soon have to give you a warning that you are approaching a camera.

If you live in a community with these eyes in the sky might be pleased to know that new rules could be going to be in effect to "protect" you from the greedy hands of your local government. To be fair local government's say it's all about safety, you're old enough to make up your own mind about the why.

While some might applaud this potential new lawyou still have to do your part. You have to notice your surroundings when you drive because in the words of Bill Engvall, "Here's Your Sign".

The new law that cleared the legislature will require municipalities who implement red light and speed control cameras to post a warning sign at least 500 feet before said camera. The idea behind the law was to give people who do speed and run red lights due process.

It's along the lines of media outlets announcing there is going to be an OWI check point on a given night in a given community. You can't argue that you weren't warned. This is exactly the same thing. This legislation should help drivers out in a couple of ways.

In the interest of safety a warning sign might prompt a driver to double check his or her speed. It might also serve as a warning that an intersection with potentially dangerous cross traffic is in the path ahead.

For law breakers it will eliminate the ability of even the slickest defense attorney to get your case thrown out or dismissed. The signs are simply government's way of saying we told you and you still screwed up.

Don't go looking for a warning sign just yet. Although this legislation has cleared the House and Senate it will still need an autograph from the Governor to become the law of the land.

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