Residents of a Lafayette apartment are a bit upset right now, and rightly so, after they received notice that at some point over the next 45 days, they'll be given 5 days to vacate their apartment.

Riverside at Oakbourne Apartments
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Riverside at Oakbourne Apartments Five-Days-To-Vacate

According to, residents at Riverside at Oakbourne apartment complex recently received letters stating "that a five-days-to-vacate notice would be given over the coming 45 days."

Obviously, this has people a bit on edge knowing they should basically have everything in their apartment packed up and ready to move out at any time over the next 45 days.

We spoke with a tenant of the apartment complex, who wishes to remain anonymous, about the situation -

"Some residents are on fixed incomes. Some are disabled and unable to pack or lift boxes. Some have school age children who were preparing for testing when the letters were distributed.

Its heartbreaking to see people's lives left at the dumpster. Full bedroom sets and furniture are put there almost daily. My neighbors are having to take what they can. I personally have to decide what parts of my home go to the dumpster, goodwill or to storage."

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

The Riverside at Oakbourne apartment complex, located near Oakbourne Country Club, was sold to Servio Capital last month for $2.15 million.

From -

"In a letter to tenants, Servio officials cited Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure 4701, which allows a property owner — in the event of a termination of a lease, actions by a tenant, nonpayment of rent or 'for any other reason' — to obtain possession of the property through a notice of 'not less than five days from the date of its delivery to vacate the premises.'"

Servio Capitol CEO Ryan Enk says that they have only evicted one resident after that person refused to pay rent and threatened to sue.

Riverside at Oakbourne Apartments Lafayette
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loading... reports the Riverside at Oakbourne apartment complex is currently in "significant" disrepair without having any significant repairs.

Residents of the complex say the change in ownership has taken them by surprise, and many of them aren't sure where they're going to live.

Kelley Jolivette-Thomas tells -

“'We don’t know when this five-day (period) is going to happen,' she said. 'We know it’s going to happen within the next 45 days, which happens to be right at UL’s graduation. So I have a college student trying to study and having to pack up her bedroom of 20 years. No one was prepared. A lot of us don’t have the physical ability to actually move.'”


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