We are almost 2 weeks into August and 2 weeks since the speeding fines on the Atchafalaya went into place. The law started on August 1 of this year and states that traffic will be monitored and if you are caught crossing the basin bridge in under 18 minutes, you could receive a heft fine by doing so. Now, I haven't been over the basin since this whole law went into effect, but the word on the street was the cameras have yet to be installed. There is now a pretty good solution to beat those fines.

I love satire pages. We have a few here in Lake Charles and I fully support them. I ran across a GREAT one from the Lafayette area called Unofficial: Lafayette City Government. The page makes fun of random things happening in the area. Just the other night it made fun of Carencro and some residents got a little heated about it. However, the big post that caught my attention was Wednesday.

I mean, this seems like a solid plan here. The firey hoop adds to the "Wow" factor and gives the challenge some depth. Course, we know some random cajun is gonna steal the propane that makes the flames for the hoop and hook it to a pot to cook with at some point.

I really got to thinking that instead of a new I-10 bridge in Lake Charles, maybe WE just build a giant ramp across the Calcasieu River and let people take a chance on it. If you make it, congrats. If you don't, you have to pay Timmy's Wrecker Service to pull you out of the water. If that plan takes off, maybe we implement the same thing for Ryan Street in front of Raisin Canes too. I think I'll run for Mayor next time and implement these in place my first few days. Mayor Buddy Russ: a candidate for the installation of ramps throughout the city.

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