Am I the only one who feels like the school year ended sometime in March? Well, I guess it seems that way but educators and administrators in almost every Acadiana parish went above and beyond to implement distance learning protocols and get our students to the end of the school year which technically closed in May.

Now it's July and it looks as if Lafayette's Class of 2020 will finally have their moment in the spotlight at the Cajundome. In-person graduation ceremonies are planned for July 9th through the 11th and yes, it will be a ceremony the likes of which we have never seen.

Attendance at the ceremony will be limited. Students will be allowed to invite four people, guests, or family members, to attend. Those without a ticket will not be allowed to enter the building for the ceremonies. The event will be live-streamed from the Cajundome website and videos of the proceedings will be available for $20.

Families will have pre-assigned seating and will be required to remain in those seats for the duration of the ceremony. Also, if you don't like wearing a mask this won't be the event for you. Face coverings for everyone, including students will be required.

There will also be temperature screenings done before entry into the event will be allowed. So, that means you'll want to arrive early to allow for security, screening, and seating. See, I told you this would be different.

As far as refreshments go, the concession stands will not be operating and attendees will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles and not drink directly from Cajundome water fountains. Granted the fountains and other surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized often it would still be a better practice to bring your own bottle.


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