Lafayette Public Schools have announced changes in educational protocols for 12th and 8th-grade students in the Parish. As of February 1st, students in those grades will transition back to daily face-to-face learning. Students in those grades have been following an A/B schedule of in-person and virtual learning since the end of last year. This schedule was enacted as a response to coronavirus mitigation measures and other concerns.

The reason for the change was two-fold according to Lafayette School Board President Mary Morrison. Morrison spoke with KATC television about the changes and she explained that part of the decision was based on current COVID-19 statistics within the school system. The other deciding factor in making the change was student performance.

They're not performing up to our standards, and we feel that face-to-face will get them where they need to be for graduation

The changes in educational protocols only affect students in 12th grade and 8th grade at this time. Students in grades 6&7 as well as those in grades 9,10, and 11 will continue classes on their current A/B schedule.

Lafayette Schools did release this statement regarding the return to in-person learning on a day to day basis,

Due to the hard work of our educators and staff in following mitigation measures, COVID-19 transmission in school settings remains low, and we have not experienced wide-spread closures of schools. District administrators continue to work collaboratively with health officials and will continue to evaluate and adjust our learning model based on current information. We are thankful for the work of our educators in keeping our students safe in schools as learning continues. We encourage everyone to continue doing their part in slowing down the spread of this virus. Please wear masks, limit large gatherings, wash hands, and practice social distancing. These efforts will help our students and staff remain safely in school.

Again the proposed changes to the schedule will not take effect until February 1, 2021. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school or the Lafayette Parish School Board Office should they have any questions or concerns.

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