While some young people may think threats are funny, in the cold, hard reality of life, it's not. When you play a stupid game, you are going to win a stupid prize.

A student who police say is responsible for the social media threat against Northside High School Friday, October 28 was arrested on several charges.

Northside High School
LPSS Photo

The student has been charged with terrorizing. The student was then taken to Lafayette's Juvenile Detention Center, and this person could be expelled from school.

Officials with the Lafayette Parish School System want the public to know this is the fourth student who has been arrested for threats of terrorism and violence on campus.

Northside High School
Northside High School Photo

Making a threat on social media, writing some anonymous note, or trying to put a threat anywhere saying someone will be targeting a school is NOT A JOKE. Parents if you haven't had this conversation with your children then you should do so.

Real consequences are what you get when you make a threat against a school. Here are what the consequences are:

You can spend up to 15 years in prison.

You can pay a $15,000 fine.

The judge is allowed to give the person both of these penalties.

Lafayette Parish School System KPEL Staff Photo
Lafayette Parish School System KPEL Staff Photo

The Lafayette Parish School System wants to reiterate to everyone that any threat will be taken seriously.

In the incident Friday, the campus was evacuated. This is not going to be tolerated.

Hands in Handcuffs
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When a threat is made, whether real or fake, resources must be allotted to deal with the situation. And what price does everyone pay? Consider the following:

  • These situations create fear and panic for students.
  • These situations create the same feeling for parents and the public.
  • When a threat is made students lose instructional time.
  • If a threat is made and it's not real, law enforcement first responders who could be working serious crimes are taken away from protecting the city and parish. 
  • When a threat is made and it's fake, medical first responders have to respond to a scene when they could be saving someone's life. 

It matters what children say, does, post, share, and/or text.

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