Sometimes we don't realize how good things are where we live. Every now and again, we need to be reminded.

I try not to take how great Lafayette is for granted. I fail at that some times and then I stumble across a list like the one I'm about to share with you.

According to the website, Lafayette has the lowest cost of living among all cities in the state of Louisiana.

But we know with that relatively low cost of living, we don't sacrifice in quality.

Here's how Louisiana cities rank in relation to the lowest cost of living. In parentheses is the city's national rank.

  • Lafayette (#66)
  • Shreveport (#67)
  • Metairie (#77)
  • Baton Rouge (#80)
  • New Orleans (Not Ranked)

How did Niche come up with this ranking? Here is its synopsis:

This grade takes into account key factors, including a location's housing, food, and fuel costs, as well as the median tax rates, in an attempt to measure the overall affordability and relative cost of living of an area.

All total, there are nine factors considered by Niche.

While we're not way ahead of the rest of the state's cities, it's still good to be first.

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