Yesterday afternoon Lafayette's weather was teasing us with a hint of Summer. The air was humid, the clouds were intermingled with breaks of blue sky and every now and then it would rain. Things are very different as you get your day started today.

The sound of buzzing air conditioners from early in the week will fall silent this weekend. In fact you might want to turn on  your heater tonight and tomorrow morning. What we in South Louisiana call Winter is back for a couple of more days with a potential to set record low temperatures in the morning. If you're heading to Downtown Alive you better bring a jacket.

Our weather has been affected by an upper level low pressure system the past few days. This system kicked up the showers we saw on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but it is now being pushed off to the east by a strong cold front.

Yesterday morning the temperature in Lafayette at 4am was 64 degrees, this morning we are at least 10 degrees cooler than that with a gusty wind from the North to make it feel even more brisk. Most of the light rain associated with the frontal passage has moved out of the area and should be totally out of our way by 7am.

What about the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival?

The forecast calls for skies to stay  mostly cloudy with temperatures barely making it in to the lower 60's. Tonight we could see record cold for the date with a forecast temperature near 41.

The outlook for Saturday is mostly sunny with high in the lower 70's. It won't be quite as cold Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon will see slightly warmer temperatures. The good news is a quiet weather pattern with more Spring like temperatures is setting up for most of the work week next week.