We have a friend visiting us here at the radio station. He lives in Kentucky and he doesn't understand why we all get so freaked out when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

What he doesn't get is the fact that we don't see too many mornings with the words "below freezing" used in our weather forecasts. The next couple of mornings those words and words like "wind chill" will be referenced quite often.

Our good friends and the best weather team in the business at KATC TV 3 offer an explanation of what we are about to experience. In a nutshell, the temperatures are going to drop this afternoon with a lot of help from a very gusty northerly breeze. The wind could be gusting at 20mph or  more. This could make an already cold temperature life threatening if you include the wind chill.

The morning temperature tomorrow is expected to be at 22 degrees. That means much of the area will be under a hard freeze warning. That is based upon the amount of time the forecast area will spend with temperatures below freezing. The day will warm up slightly with a high on Thursday anticipated to only reach 40 degrees with that gusty wind still blowing.

Friday morning you and I will wake up to temperatures that are slightly warmer, about 28 degrees and forecasters believe the winds will lay down a little by then. For the day Friday we will add in some clouds and a chance of showers. Right now the entire weekend looks to feel very wintery with cloudy, wet conditions and temperatures that will make you wish there was a pot of gumbo waiting for you on the stove.

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