The foggy humid mornings and mostly cloudy afternoons will be a part of the Acadiana weather pattern for at least one more day. Then mother nature is moving in some sweeping changes which will most likely put a damper on some of your weekend plans.

Today's forecast will be very similar to yesterday's. There will be fog to start and then a mix of clouds and sun during the bulk of the daylight hours. In the overnight hours an approaching weather system will start to destabilize the atmosphere over Acadiana. That when coupled with the abundance of moisture available over the area should give most of us a pretty good chance of rain by Friday.

The Storm Prediction Center says the risk of severe weather over Acadiana will be slight. That means that some of the showers or thunderstorms could reach severe limits but a widespread outbreak of severe weather is not likely. Forecasters are saying the dynamics for thunderstorm intensity will be determined by how much sunshine we get in the area on Friday. If the sun comes out and warms the atmosphere up more than expected then some of the thunderstorms could be heavier than anticipated.

Rain chances will remain high for Saturday but showers will not be quite as likely on Sunday. Monday could bring another round of storms to the area as yet another Springtime weather system moves into the area.


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