The Lafayette location of Field & Stream closed a few weeks ago, and now it's being reported Dick's Sporting Goods will be extending its floor space into the vacated neighboring building.

Dick's Sporting Goods Lafayette Louisiana
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Dick's Sporting Goods Taking Over Feild and Stream Location

Dick's Sporting Goods in Lafayette is getting ready to expand into one colossal location in Lafayette. reports the now-closed Field & Stream that is already connected to Dick's is being renovated to become one giant Dick's Sporting Goods location.

Field & Stream, located at 110 Old Camp Road in Lafayette, closed only a few weeks ago, but renovations are already underway.

As of now, it's not known when renovations will be complete for the newly expanded Dick's, but Developing Lafayette is betting the newly expanded location could be ready in time for Christmas.

As of 2020, Dick's is the largest sporting goods retail company in the United States, with approximately 854 stores.

Field & Stream is one of Dick's subsidies, with another one being Golf Galaxy.


Is Golf Galaxy Opening in Lafayette?

While we have no confirmed reports and this is mere speculation, but could Dick's Sporting Goods be turning Field & Stream into a new location of Golf Galaxy?

With Top Golf soon opening only yards away, it wouldn't be a crazy idea.

What is Golf Galaxy?

From Facebook -

"Golf Galaxy, LLC is a specialty golf retailer offering a broad assortment of golf equipment, apparel, and footwear from leading brands like Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Nike, and more, and a complete range of golf services from PGA and LPGA professionals, certified fitting experts, and tour-level club technicians."

We'll have to wait to see what Dick's has up their sleeve.

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