Dick's Sporting Goods is bringing one of its latest concepts to the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

The retail giant filed a permit last month to remodel the former Sears space in the Mall of Louisiana. The permit mentions demolishing part of the building.

Dick's wants to remove the entry to the mall along with the escalators and take off part of the roof and second floor. They plan to add stairs and an elevator.

What is Dick's planning to build in this space?

Here's the neat part. They're not building a Dick's Sporting Goods there but rather a Dick's House of Sport.

Dick's Sporting Goods House of Sport
Dick's Sporting Goods House of Sport

What is a Dick's House of Sport?

First launched in 2021, these "experiential stores" are much bigger than regular Dick's Sporting Goods stores. Dick's House of Sport stores are over 100,000 square feet, about five times larger than a typical Dick's Sporting Goods location.

This new store model gives customers a chance to try new products by offering things such as batting cages for both baseball and softball, a putting area for golf, rock climbing walls, and a multitude of turfs to try out soccer and football cleats.

The history of Dick's House of Sport

The first stores opened in 2021. There are a total of 12 stores so far, but the chain plans to open 10 more this year.

The chain plans to open between 75 to 100 Dick's House of Sport stores by 2027.

Dick's Sporting Goods House of Sport
Dick's Sporting Goods House of Sport

When can we expect the Baton Rouge location to open?

It's unknown when the new Baton Rouge store will open as permitting has just begun. We will, however, keep you posted when we do hear more information regarding a timeline for the new store's opening.

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