With the cooler temperatures, gumbo pots have been fired up across south Louisiana at a much higher rate these days.

And it's a food that you can eat over and over again as it makes for great leftovers. Sometimes, some of us couyons like to do crazy things with our leftover gumbo, like put it on bread and such.

The folks at Olde Tyme Grocery obviously had the same ingenious idea because their latest special is just that -- the Gumbo Poorboy.

The Lafayette hot spot posted a picture on social media yesterday of this new special poboy which comes on their signature Langlinais bread. It comes with sausage and chicken and "dressed" with mayonnaise, potato salad and gumbo sauce.

The front door, shut it.

As you can see, the comments so far seem to indicate that folks in Acadiana are really excited to give it a try.

"Lawd have mercy, I'm sweating." -- Heather Williams

"Sounds crazy but good. LOL. I'm gonna have to try it!" -- Kathy O'Connor

"Looks Sooooooooo Good." -- Barbara Glover Jones

"I’m not sure if I’m intrigued or grossed out, but either way, I kinda want to try it. 😂" -- Tasia Riggs

Has anyone tried it yet and has a review of it? Or, you can all meet us at 218 West Saint Mary Street in Lafayette today for lunch and we can all try it together!


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