It is all rage this year and definitely on many youngsters Christmas lists, but is it safe? Yes, I am talking about the hoverboard.

I couldn't ride a hoverboard to save my life. So I assume that makes it a hazard for me personally, but it could be one for your family this holiday season. According to WGNO, a Lafitte family unfortunately faced this sad truth this past week.

WGNO reported that Jessica Horne bought her 12-year-old son a hoverboard from, specifically a 'Fit Turbo,' and she allowed him to open it up just a few days before Thanksgiving. The boy used to hoverboard one time before putting it to charge using the charger that came with it. The next day, Jessica said she saw sparks that 'looked like fireworks' shooting out of both sides of the boards. Next thing she knew, the middle of the board exploded sending her house into flames in just minutes.

WGNO also spoke with The Consumer Product Safety Commission who said that they have had eight different reports of hoverboard injuries within the past three months, all of which required a trip to the hospital. However, the CPSC claims that these incidents were due to falls and not any kind of fire.

I know that a hoverboard is on my little brother's Christmas list this year so of course I made sure my mom knew about this story. Something I have always done before buying toys for children is looking at the ratings and reviews and potential hazards from each of them. There is possibility for all toys to do some kind of harm or cause incident so it is always a good idea to do a little research before you purchase.

Also, the CPSC says that they 'strongly encourage' consumers to always report any kind of issue they have with a product by emailing The fire marshal's office of Louisiana is currently investigating the incident and will offer more information as it becomes available.