If you live in Lake Arthur you'll want to put a reminder on your phone. Monday, August 10, 2020, your water service will be interrupted. No, it won't be for just part of the city, it will be for all residents.

The service interruption is set to begin at 9 am on Monday morning. The reason for the interruption is so that work crews can solve not one, not two, but three different issues in the water service system. There was no specific timetable given for how long the water in Lake Arthur would be turned off, so you might want to take some time this weekend to plan accordingly.

One other thing about any water service interruption. It is standard protocol for a boil advisory to be issued after any water system has been shut down or there has been a noticeable drop in water pressure. This is done out of an abundance of caution and in the case of Lake Arthur it could take up to 72 hours for the Louisiana Department of Health officials to conduct necessary testing to certify the water is safe.

You might consider stocking up on drinking water at your favorite store this weekend or you could just get some clean jugs or other containers to store an adequate potable water supply.

Oh, one other thing you might want to consider, with the water turned off your toilet might not flush. Okay, your toilet WON'T flush. A little extra water saved in the bathtub could be poured into the top of your toilet tank so you can at least flush the bowl clean after use.

Or, you might just plan an outing that carries you away from home or away from town for a few hours where you can run someone else's faucet and use their toilet. Just don't forget your mask and your social distancing. Be Safe.


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