If your Valentine's Day plans didn't include a trip to Lake Charles, then I guess you're not trying hard enough this year. Wait, what's that you say? I'm nutty? Well yes, I am, but not only has Lake Charles apparently made the top 20 list of the "Most Romantic Cities" in America, but they placed in the top 5.

Redbox has released their list of "The Top 20 Most Romantic Cities" in America. On the list you'll find Santa Barbara, California, Spokane, Washington and Sherman, Texas. Sitting at number one on the list is Glendive, Montana. Nope, I've never heard of it either. However, when you look at the top five, sitting proudly in the number five spot is in fact Lake Charles.

In case you didn't realize, Lake Charles also made the list in 2015.

So how did this happen? What's going on over in Lake Charles? Here's how Redbox along with wallethub.com compiled the list.

The kiosk-movie-rental company determined its most romantic cities list based on rentals of romance and romantic comedy movies.

"The results give us light-hearted insights into where romance lives nationwide," Ash Eldifrawi, chief marketing and customer experience officer at Redbox, said in a press release. Redbox has more than 40,000 kiosks in 50 states. More than 1 million discs are rented via the kiosks every day, a rep says.


So, if you're finding yourself solo this Valentine's Day, zip on over to Lake Charles and hang out by a Rebox. Apparently just about anyone you see going to get, or return movies is a big ole lovebird.






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