Polls. I am not sure how we are really supposed to feel about them. In college football, the polls always seem to get it wrong. In political circles polls sometimes don't mean anything too. However, they are a tool that candidates and news organizations use to at the very least stir up interest in the political races at hand.

In the race for Louisiana Governor, it has come down to two candidates. Incumbent John Bel Edwards and challenger Eddie Rispone. The latest polling information on the race shows Edwards with a slight lead over Rispone.

The poll conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling out of Baton Rouge and commissioned by Nexstar Media Group shows that of the voters that were surveyed 48% said they planned to support Mr. Edwards. Meanwhile, 46% of those responding had plans to cast a ballot for Mr. Rispone. That means that 6% of those surveyed would fall in the undecided camp.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. Which when applied to the numbers derived from the survey shows that this is really a very close race.

An interesting aspect of the polling process was the qualification pollsters made concerning undecided voters. In the case where a respondent said they were undecided pollsters asked which candidate they might be leaning toward supporting.

Of the 6% of undecided voters, 50% suggested they were leaning toward support for Governor Edwards while 47% felt that Eddie Rispone would eventually earn their vote. Still, when you factor in the margin of error, those numbers don't really offer any insight into how this election will play out.

Personally, I believe the biggest factor in the November 16th election will be the weather. While each candidate camp has impassioned supporters I believe the majority of Louisiana voters will only cast a ballot if "it's not too much trouble or it isn't raining".

That's sad, isn't it? It's not what I want or wish, it's just reality.

Regardless of which candidate or candidates ideals you support I just hope you'll not be apathetic and cast your ballot. Early voting begins Saturday, November 2nd and will run through the 9th at your parish registrar of voters office. The runoff election will be November 16th and the Governor's race isn't the only issue you'll need to decide.

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