Americans are ready to celebrate our country's independence after a year of being cooped up, quarantined, and left with almost zero ways to have fun. We're ready to bust out the holiday decorations, and let loose. And of course, that may mean indulging in some alcoholic beverages on this holiday weekend. Especially if you're in Louisiana.

And lots of folks here in the Bayou State will be taking advantage of our beautiful Louisiana waterways for the 4th of July. And the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will be out in full force, looking for boaters who are drinking and driving. They have posted some boating safety tips on their website, and its always a good idea to review them before you head out. They will also roll out the Operation Dry Water Campaign July 2-4, which you can read about below.


Some of the tips posted on their website include:

  • Plan your route as close to shore as can safely be navigated.
  • Plan your route so emergency assistance can reach you if needed
  • Study marine charts and keep them on board your boat
  • Check the weather forecast before you get underway
  • Be aware of potential hazards that could include wind, water and tidal conditions, waves and fast currents, stumps and debris, other boat traffic, passenger medical conditions and vessel failure.
  • Don't overload your boat with passengers or equipment
  • And remember, a jet ski is a Class A motorboat and is bound by the same rules as other vessels on the water.


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