Is there anything more relaxing than time on the water? Louisiana residents love their boats. We also love a good time. Sometimes those two things, a good time and being on the water can have deadly consequences. Last year there were 18 fatalities from boating incidents in our state. The good news, that number was the second lowest number on record. The bad news, for 2015 Louisiana has already experienced 9 boating fatalities.

This is Louisiana Safe Boating Week. Your Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents will be on the water in full force this week and through Memorial Day doing safety checks and inspections. It's all designed to promote safety and keep you and your guests safe on the water.

We really want to get the word out to people.  We want them to have fun on the water, but we also want them to respect the water.  We want everyone to come home safe.


Adam Einck is a spokesman for the LDWF and he told the Louisiana Radio Network that just like on the roadways, a leading cause of accidents on the water is alcohol.  He reminds boaters that very similar rules apply to using alcohol while behind the wheel of a boat as those that apply to automobile drivers.

If you get a DWI in the water, you're going to lose your driving privileges for a year, just like you would if you were on the road.


Einck reminds boaters that a boater safety course is always a good idea. No matter how much experience you have on the water, knowing a little more can only make you safer. If you'd like to attend a boater safety course there is one scheduled in New Iberia for this Saturday.

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