It has been alleged that six Louisiana men did not follow the rules and in fact committed fraud through their participation in two different hunting contests. The contests in question are the Dingler Wild Hog Roundup which was held in Bienville Parish this past February. The other contest in which fraud was alleged to have occurred was the Swamp Time Hog Hunt in Caldwell Parish which was held in March.

This isn't the first case of wildlife contest fraud that has been reported in Louisiana this year. Earlier we told you about an arrest that was made at a fishing tournament in which an angler is alleged to have added to his catch-weight by stuffing fish with lead fishing weights. If it's one thing we know about fishermen, they can tolerate a liar but they will prosecute a cheater. Apparently, the same sentiment applies to hog-hunting contests.

Wild Hogs Louisiana
Unsplash Via Kevin Jackson

Agents of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrested six subject in connection with this alleged fraudulent activity. The six that were taken into custody were Trace Davis, 30, of Longville, Hunter Webb, 27, of Pitkin, Colby Bushnell, 26, of Dry Creek, Davy Haymon, 35, of Pitkin, Nathan Granger, 34, of Vinton, and Don Pollard Jr., 40, of Pitkin.

LDWF agents allege that the men caught the wild hogs they submitted as contest entries in Texas. The men's entries were deemed to be the winners in the aforementioned contests but further investigation revealed the rules and the violations of Louisiana law.

LAWildlifeFish via YouTube
LAWildlifeFish via YouTube

The rules of both contests had clauses that stipulated all hogs entered into the contest must be captured during the official dates of the contest and the hogs must be harvested in Louisiana.

Hunting contest fraud is a serious business in Louisiana. Those who violate the law could face a $3,000 fine and up to one year in jail. All of those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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